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I found it to be a calm game. Pressing buttons and wait people to move. As a player almost nothing you do. simply wait paths to lighthouse to be build, gather resources and apply power ups to light houses. As time passes and you repair lighthouses, the game was very computational heavy in a very powerful machine. I cannot see any war. I have 1000+ workers and soldiers and i am waiting one cable to be fixed (9th one). It appears that you must have resources for power ups in order workers to repair cables. Mine finished

Looks interesting, but I can't succeed into anything

Can't understand why the "Repair members" number does not seems to affect who goes to the next lighthouse. Why does nobody moves toward the objective when I select a path ?

I think I didn't understood something

There's a lot that isn't explained or intuitive.  What does "Boost Power" do?  Is Boost Power on a cooldown?  What's the difference between a blue connection and a green connection?  What's the difference between a Level 5.10 Lighthouse and a Level 5.21 Lighthouse?  The game sometimes says of a Lighthouse "0.33 units / sec"; is that all the time, or only when I've ordered that scrap be spent to create units?

Impressive! I struggled finding out what to do tho.